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But I wonder if they are conscious of their emotions. If they are really feeling all varieties rather than the base, instinctual, animalistic emotions, e.g. fear, sadness, anger, lust, happiness. I wonder if they can feel not just dislike or anger, but hate. I wonder if they can feel not just happiness or lust, but love.

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Emotions are the catalyst for something to be considered "human". That irrational, illogical, insensible part of our brains are what truly constitute as a miracle. Emotions are the transmutation of past experience, instincts, senses, and thought into pure and unbridled chaos. Therefore if a machine were able to make chaos without destroying itself, sure it's human. If it could feel love, or hate, or happiness, or fear as we know them, then for all intents and purposes that machine behaves as a human does. It catalogs information to arrive at a conclusion that may not be rational is an individual conclusion, rather than a conclusion that everyone must make given the same data.

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Socialism is the better form of government for the same reason that Capitalism is a terrible form of government. In a Capitalist society, where regulation is preferably at a minimum if it exists at all, the rich prey upon the poor. We saw that in the Industrial Revolution, where immense corporations manipulated the poor to remain rich. Specifically in America, railroad companies in the late 19th century lobbied to prevent regulation so they could exact extraordinarily high prices from the farmers. Politicians were corrupted (because everyone has a price). Large corporations and factories prevented workers' rights by blocking the formation of unions, making them work 18 hours a day for extremely low wages. Lawyers used the 14th Amendment to claim corporations the same rights as a human being. Naturally, with this kind of power, basic human rights were lost to those who fell below the poverty lines. Even today, massive corporations demand so much from an individual that only with difficulty can one rise through society. Those who are rich tend to remain rich, with their children educated the best, and the poor remain poor (unless their children are brilliant).

Socialism, on the other hand, addresses these issues. It gives a piece of every company, of every corporation, of every factory, to every individual. Contrary to popular belief, the government isn't necessarily given control of the means of production (that's communism). Therefore, Democracy is one of the fundamental attributes of a Socialist society. When the people make the decisions, the corporations aren't allowed to abuse a person's innate rights. People are given material items according their needs. People are paid according to their skill, the difficulty of the job, and the time that they dedicate to that job. It's what most people hope to have in their lives: freedom.

Capitalism is based upon the negative attributes of mankind. Greed, betrayal, selfishness, and thrives upon strict class distinctions (i.e. rich and poor, with little to no middle class). In order to succeed, one MUST step on others, one MUST destroy others' economic futures, one MUST advance forward without looking back to consider what he or she has done. What kind of a society wishes to leave the good people in society writhing in the dust? What kind of society doesn't prevent bad people from gaining to much power? What kind of society cares so much about the present that they forget the future?

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