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In my opinion, not until "it" has taken the breath of life. Funny thing, after that, most abortion deniers consider them "on their own" health care? not enough food? No job....too bad, you ain't gittn' none of mine!

The last info I had was (before the ACA), America was 173rd out of 193 countries in "Infant death after live birth". (Disgusting!) This mostly due to the inability to pay for health care before AND after birth. So, save the embryo....if the baby dies later...that's a shame....oh, well.

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Been through this. My first wife had health problems. Her Dr. said she would likely not live through another pregnancy. At the time, in our state all abortions had to be approved by one Dr. (Catholic). He did not approve her doctors appeal, even "without" his personal exam! Our doctor was livid. He had delivered my wife at birth...and our earlier two children. Afraid for my wife, he gave her an illegal (unapproved) abortion. She had two more years with our other two daughters, (5 and 7 at the time) then died at 29. We will always be grateful for our doctors love and bravery!

I'm not in favor of "frivolous" abortions, but, give a devout Christian an inch and they'll take a mile...just like that abortion "god" from our state! It MUST be a choice, let the "other GOD" decide, Christians.

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